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P90X: Day 9


This workout is so much fun! All the jumping around feels more like play than work. I wasn’t all that stiff this morning, thanks I think to the long walk I took last night, so this workout was actually a joy.

I was really sweaty and my face is all red, but I can definitely feel the endorphins kicking in. I feel great actually. I’m not using any of the TBB supplements, but after doing this workout, I may reconsider using the results & recovery drink to slip into my drinking water. For now, I’m just finishing up a few bottles of vitamins and supplements that I’ve been using forever. Even if I make the switch to the TBB supplements, there are some things I will probably never give up like Triphala. I sometimes use other Ayurvedic supplements like Ashwaganda, but Triphala is definitely one I can’t live without!

I’m so hungry! I’m off to have some of my bean salad for lunch. Maybe I’ll take a nap later this afternoon – Plyometrics X is no joke!

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