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writingI exist to serve by inspiring liberation.

These were the words that immediately sprung to mind several years ago, during a retreat. I was consumed with the question of my life’s purpose and as I sank down into a deep meditation, this is the answer I received.

What do I mean by liberation? Do I intend, as the Buddhists, to point to spiritual enlightenment and transcendence of all the trivial, petty dramas of human existence? Yes, but I also mean so much more. I mean liberation as a courageous, authentic, direct, and thoughtful approach to living. I mean thinking critically and eschewing the mindless adherence to a lifestyle that keeps us in the perpetual motion machine of consumerism and mediocrity.

I don’t know all the answers. This is just as much a documentation of my personal journey to liberation as it is a love letter to others who seek consciousness in their daily lives. I hope that I inspire others to approach their life with radical nonconformity; to know and be true to themselves.