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Weighing In: Day 31 of Power 90

Yesterday, I completed the first thirty days of Power 90 and the last of the Level 1-2 workouts.  This morning, I tackled the Sculpt Circuit 3-4 for the first time.

Working Out with Level 3-4

A pleasant surprise was that I was able to complete 12 standard pushups.  I may never have to do “girl” pushups ever again!  I was able to keep up with most of the new or additional material, even though I was sweating as though I had just competed in a 5K.

Weight and Inches

I’ve lost an additional 2.5 pounds and now weigh 186.

Waist: No Change

Hips: Half Inch Reduction

Chest: Three Inch Reduction

Arms: One Inch Reduction

Thighs: Two Inch Reduction

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