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Weighing In: The Beginning

The Turning Point

Earlier this year, a few talented and respected teachers from the Pagan community committed to become stronger, fitter and healthy.  I made a similar commitment earlier this year since I had nearly reached rock bottom.  My clothes no longer fit me, my skin was riddled with acne, and I had little flexibility, strength or endurance.  I lacked energy to perform tasks and everything, especially my back, began to hurt.  My weight had climbed to 192 pounds; though that isn’t the heaviest I’ve been, it’s not too far off.  Something had to change.

Searching for Solutions

What was most confusing to me was that I used to be effortlessly slender, making physical activity easier and more enjoyable.  I searched my memory for the changes that precipitated my weight gain.  Was it age?  A lifestyle change?  Alterations to my diet and exercise routines?  Stress?  I couldn’t come up with any plausible explanation.

I tried a few diets with mixed results.  I was almost always “successful” in that I lost weight, sometimes even a significant amount, but eventually the pounds would come back.  I was frustrated, but resigned to the probability that I may never get back to my athletic and slim body.

What I’m Doing Now

An acquaintance told me about an exercise program she had started with her husband.  I was interested because it seemed to have a solution for every potential problem I could foresee.  I wouldn’t have to join a gym, I wouldn’t need to buy a lot of equipment, and it was highly portable.  I purchased Power 90 for myself. The front of the manual says, “The 90-day in-home boot camp for total body transformation.”  That is a pretty bold claim, but I was willing to give it a try. What did I have to lose?

The Program

The Power 90 program is divided into two circuits, each with two levels of difficulty.  There is a “sweat” circuit which combines some plyometrics, old-fashioned calisthenics and kempo to create a cardio workout.  It is followed by the “Abs Ripper” which is ten repetitions of ten different abdominal exercises.  Then there is a “sculpt” circuit that uses hand weights or resistance bands and body weight to create a strength training workout.  Each workout is between 30 and 40 minutes long and has several breaks in between sets to stretch and drink water.  For the first thirty days, you use the Level 1-2 exercises; you graduate to Level 3-4 during the last 60 days.


This is my fourth week following the Power 90 program (or P90 for short). So far, I’ve been happy. I’ve lost 2.5 pounds and now weigh 189.5 pounds. I feel stronger and my tummy looks a little flatter.

The Future

The beauty of the Power 90 series of exercise programs  is that it never gets stale. There are additional programs of increasing difficulty and after completing P90, I plan on continuing the following programs in the order listed:

  • Power 90 Master Series
  • P90X
  • P90X+

I understand there is a P90X2 in the final stages of development and should be available at the end of this year.  Many people continue to repeat P90X or P90X+ to maintain their physique. I’m looking forward to having another challenge.


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