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Weighing In: Week 8 with Power 90

This week is more of a combination week 7 and week 8. Over the Independence Day holiday, I developed a very painful sunburn which made any physical movement insufferable. This week, I’ve been doing doubles to catch up my workouts. Imagine my surprise that I’ve lost 1.4 pounds! I now weigh 185.3 pounds.

Now that I’m about halfway through the program, the dreaded Wall has been hit.  I read lots of warnings about wanting to quit around the 30-day or 45-day mark. The Wall comes up for many people around the 60-day mark as well. I was expecting it. Despite enjoying the workouts in Level 3-4, and even though I know that I will feel great after I get my workout in, the negative self-talk is never ending. I manage to get into my workout clothes and do the workout, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to overcome inertia.

I’ve been pretty good about my diet as well. I have avoided the temptation of donuts and ice cream during my evening classes (people are always bringing sugary snacks to class). I’ve been drinking lots of water and taking my multivitamins. I am hopeful that I can minimally hold steady with my current weight since this week is my birthday and I will probably indulge in a cupcake and a nice dinner.

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