Nightbird Radio Podcast Appearance

I recently had a lovely conversation with Tim of Nightbird Radio podcast about several topics of high strangeness, including astrology, magic, angels, saints, and a bit of my background. This was my first podcast appearance ever, and I had so much fun speaking with Tim, but I was also very nervous so please forgive my [...]


This past spring, I prayed a rosary novena for some family members with alarming health challenges. I prayed this rosary on beads I was given more than two decades ago as a baptismal gift. The centerpiece of this rosary features St. Bernadette at the grotto with the Blessed Virgin Mary, where the spring of healing [...]

Social Media

My time on social media has come to an end. I deleted my Twitter account ~3 weeks ago, and just yesterday I deleted the Instagram account. I left Facebook a few years ago. It’s a freeing feeling being away from social media, but unfortunately unless you check in here, I won’t be posting new blog [...]

A Quick Note

The site was experiencing some technical difficulties last week after I screwed up an update. Now that it is more or less fixed, I’ll be back on schedule for more posts. I returned to Twitter mid-November after taking a 1.5 month break. However, it was a mistake. I found that my time was being wasted [...]

It’s been over six years since I worked this book in its entirety over the course of 12 months. I failed to finish writing about the last two chapters back then, mostly because I was distracted with further research. In what was formerly the final chapter of Modern Magick (1st and 2nd editions), Lesson Eleven, [...]