Bodies: Possession v. Being

Many philosophies and religions view the body as a container for the spirit. We’ve all heard that our body is a temple; a temporary housing for our immortal True Self. Some have irreverently (and hilariously) referred to the body as a “Meat Car.”

But what if they are wrong?

What if we are our bodies? What if this bone, sinew, and flesh is the crystallized manifestation of our spirit? What if the mind-body-spirit “connection” is not really a connection at all? What if they are the same thing and we just name different aspects of our Selves as though they are separate for the sake of analysis and clarity of communication?

Assuming that we are our bodies, that this corporeal manifestation of our Self is just earthly spirit, would we treat ourselves differently? Would we be nicer to our bodies? Would we treat them as sacred? Would we take better care of our bodies? Or, would it make no difference at all?

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