Little Essays On Being Vegan: A Day in the Life after Four Years

October is my “veganiversary” month, so after four years of veganism, I find myself looking back on my decision and how it has been since.

I am very lucky to have a mother who grew a variety of vegetables because there isn’t a fruit or vegetable I do not like. I’m also blessed to have no food allergies. I’m also triply fortunate to have a flexible spouse who is always open minded and interested in trying new things. It is this combination of factors that has provided all the support I need to be a healthy vegan with minimal fuss.

Going out to eat can still be a challenge and there’s nothing like going to a vegan restaurant where I can have anything on the menu. If anything, we’ve saved a lot of money and my kitchen skills continue to build. I’ve learned to make my own tortillas, make amazing risotto in a pressure cooker, and even made vegan macarons (they were superb!).

Holidays can also be tricky. The few times we’ve had family over, I have made exclusively vegan dishes which everyone seemed to enjoy. They even ate my favorite vegan cheeses, and I’m not sure they realized they weren’t dairy cheese. For most holidays and get-togethers, I pick up take-out from VeggieGrill to take with me. A few times, I have brought veggie hotdogs (and everyone decided they’d rather have my food!). It can feel a little awkward, but with the right timing, I can still eat with everyone else.

All of my body care products and cosmetics are vegan. I’m obsessed with the brand Pacifica for not only their makeup, but their skin care line. Their creams, serums, and masks always do wonders and never clog my pores.

There are still items made of leather in my closet. I haven’t felt like I need to ditch them yet. Both of my leather jackets are almost two decades old and getting rid of them feels wasteful and unnecessary.

Lastly, I made the mistake of focusing on the meals that vegan athletes were creating. While inspirational (and aspirational), I’m not a professional triathlete or football player. I’ve been sticking to simpler, everyday foods.

My recent obsession has been the products that Kite Hill have been releasing. The local grocery store carries four flavors of their cultured almond milk yogurt – peach is my favorite, with vanilla a close second. Their cultured almond milk cream cheese is also amazing and tastes like dairy (from what I remember!). I still love Miyoko’s cultured nut cheeses for eating with fruit, on crackers, or simply plain, but Kite Hill is turning out some very good everyday products.

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