My First Coaching Session

Tina Robbins of Open Roads Coaching recently offered a free 20-minute coaching session to the first 20 respondents.  I was lucky enough to be one of the few to contact her first.

I had learned about Tina’s promotion through Thorn Coyle on Twitter. I had never before experienced personal coaching, and realizing I had some issues that were threatening to overwhelm me, decided to give it a try.

I emailed Tina, explaining how I had found her and that I was interested in taking advantage of her promotion if it was still available.  She replied quickly, with a great deal of warmth and friendliness.  She gave me a list of available dates and times and we soon had settled on an appointment.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of assuming that Tina was located in the SF Bay Area, and called her at our appointed time – well, Pacific Daylight Time that is.  Tina is in Colorado (Mountain Time), so I was calling an hour late.  She graciously took my phone call in spite of my Cal-centric assumption and we started immediately.

Because I had read Thorn’s book Evolutionary Witchcraft, Tina and I had a common framework with which to structure my session.  I was able to briefly describe myself and my current situation and why I was concerned that things may spiral out of control.  She asked some insightful questions about actions that make me feel focused.  As we talked, questions and answers were frequently linked to concepts in the Feri tradition like the Iron Pentacle and the Triple Soul (a helpful guide can be found at Storm Faerywolf’s site).

Near the end of my session, I was given “homework” – but instead of an assignment, it was self-directed. Tina asked about activities or practices that I find engaging, grounding and powerful and the few things I mentioned, I committed to practice for a week.  I also prepared some statements about my intention as related to the five points of the Iron Pentacle and shared them with Tina at the end of the week.

I’ve been very pleased with the results of our session so far. Tina is very flexible and there are a number of coaching packages offered on her website.  She is also great at follow up!  I look forward to working with her again in the future when I have need of an objective sounding board who is both familiar with and able to harness the best parts of my spiritual practice.

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  • Tina Aug 4, 2011 @ 23:31

    Thank you so much for the great review 🙂
    I am so glad that you got a lot of value from our chat and I would be happy to work with you again!

    • Tonja Aug 5, 2011 @ 13:41

      You absolutely deserve it, Tina! If I can even send one person considering life coaching to you, I will feel like I did my good deed for the day.

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