A Quick Note

The site was experiencing some technical difficulties last week after I screwed up an update. Now that it is more or less fixed, I’ll be back on schedule for more posts. I returned to Twitter mid-November after taking a 1.5 month break. However, it was a mistake. I found that my time was being wasted [...]

It’s been over six years since I worked this book in its entirety over the course of 12 months. I failed to finish writing about the last two chapters back then, mostly because I was distracted with further research. In what was formerly the final chapter of Modern Magick (1st and 2nd editions), Lesson Eleven, [...]

Begin Again

Where I live, the effects of the pandemic really got going in early March 2020. Overnight, businesses were closed, grocery store shelves were emptied, and new protocols were instituted. For this introvert, orders to stay home were a mixed blessing affording me lots of time for reading but also a significant reduction of income. I [...]

Pluto, wherever he is in your astrological natal chart, indicates where God’s magnifying glass is focused upon your life. He makes large the small thing, the minor infraction, the little secret. Eventually, that which once seemed so great is made microscopic in the blink of a few hard aspects to your natal placements. He is [...]

In the Place of Bad Spirit

Part I Ancient astrology has resurged in the last 5-10 years or so largely in thanks to the commitment and hard work of several astrologers, including Demetra George and Chris Brennan. Old texts are being recovered and translated into English from the Greek, Latin, Arabic, Sanskrit, and Persian. Ancient, or rather Hellenistic astrology is the [...]