Practicing Polytheism: A 30-day Challenge Day 6

On her blog, A Forest Door, Dver has challenged Polytheists to write about their religious practices for the month of September. The blog post and the John Beckett’s post which is referenced, are both worth reading.

This requires courage. This requires self-reliance. This is not easy. Our ancestors’ Gods, religious practices, wisdom, and magics have been violently suppressed for two millennia. Cobbling together what we know — or think we know — of the past and fusing it with modern sensibilities and concerns is hard work.

But, do not be swayed by authors, experts, and popular personas. You are here for a reason. Something or Someone got your attention and held it so firmly that you came seeking more. Listen to Them and resist crowdsourcing your decisions. Put more stock in your intuition – it’s there for a reason.

Gurus and experts can be helpful, but they are no substitute for your personal religious experience. Relying solely on others for this experience is not sustainable. Remaining disconnected from Them will erode your practice, confidence, and motivation. Rely instead, on Them. Learn a method of divination. Spend time in prayer and meditation. Perform simple rituals. Approach Them always with love and respect. This will never fail you.


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