Rebooting Inspiration

It’s been well over a year since I last posted to Inspiring Liberation. Many changes have taken place in the intervening months: some painful, some joyful, but I find myself happier than ever.

An example: I suddenly and inexplicably stopped chewing my nails. For most of my life, I’ve bitten my nails to bloody stumps. Now, I have beautifully manicured hands.

What caused this change? I didn’t have any conscious breakthroughs. I wasn’t actively trying to stop my bad habit. I just stopped. With a little inexpensive maintenance every few weeks, my nails are now strong, smooth and pretty. Similarly instantaneous, but unrelated transformations have taken place.

I am feeling reinvigorated and as a result, I have some big plans for Inspiring Liberation. I’ll be giving it a bit of a facelift in coming weeks. New articles are being edited, new projects are underway. It feels good to be back.

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