Tips for Body-Mind-Spirit Integration

Many spiritual traditions offer a daily centering and grounding practice; examples include Triple Soul Alignment and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. These rituals are intended to bring your spirit into consciousness and to re-integrate your whole self after spending your night in dreamland.

Many follow these practices with meditation, which helps bring the mind and emotions into balance with the soul, but few include physical exercise as part of their routine of integration. Below are some ideas to incorporate your body in your intention for wholeness and integration:

  • Dedicate your workout to someone important to you. This is also an effective way to send healing energy to someone in need.
  • Make your workout an offering to God. I always offered my runs to the Goddess Artemis as an offering of love, respect and gratitude.
  • Set an intention for your workout. Use the energy you build during exercise to further personal goals or ideals.
  • Consecrate your workout space. If you workout at home like I do, make your home gym sacred space for health and well-being.
  • Consecrate your workout gear. Bless your equipment like you would any spiritual tool, dedicating it to your wholeness and personal development.
  • Make your clothing for exercise special. Much like ritual robes, jewelry or other adornments worn only for spiritual endeavors, make your workout clothing exclusive to exercise. It will become a subconscious signal to you that when worn, you are engaging in self-care.
  • Use your workout to commune with nature. If you like to exercise outdoors – biking, running, hiking – use your time to express appreciation and gratitude for the plants, the sunshine, the animals, the dirt.

What are some of your ways to include your body in your daily rituals?

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