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LuluBelle’s on Etsy features my artisanal candles, soaps, and other things.

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Five short stories, five scent interpretations, five candles. 100% soy wax candles in reusable tins.


Handmade in small batches, these rustic bars feature unique scent combinations, and skin-loving, organic ingredients. If you have sensitive or dry skin, you will be amazed at the difference these soaps can make! A well-draining soap dish makes all the difference in keeping bars hard and long-lasting.

Lotion Bars & Salves

Lotion Bars and salves featuring uncommon scents and nurturing, organic ingredients, these products will support healthy, moisturized skin.

Spiritual Oils, Incenses, & Other Things

Created for my own use, the oils, incenses, and other spiritual products are shared for the benefit of other practitioners. Whether looking for an easy way to clear supernal and immaterial pollution, or for assistance in connecting to spirits, there is something to aid you in your magical journey.