A Year of Ceremonial Magic: Month Four

I am very late in updating my monthly progress through Donald Michael Kraig’s Modern Magic: Twelve Lessons in the High Magical Arts, mostly due to school commitments. Now that I’ve graduated, I will be catching up on my blog posts about my progress. All insights and experiences are taken directly from my notes and ritual diary entries, and all rituals described have been faithfully performed daily without fail.

In the month of April, I finally caught up in my reading, completing chapter three and moving on to chapter four. However, I did not finish chapter four by the end of the month. In chapter three, the four magical elements are introduced beginning with Earth. The instructions for creating your own tools are included, though I still have my Earth pentacle. I haven’t decided if I will sand off my old motto and replace it with a new one (which I have yet to choose) or if I will simply create a new one altogether. My Latin is very weak, and that is the traditional language for personal mottos.

My daily practice consists of at least one performance of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Middle Pillar Ritual, the Circulation of the Body of Light, and the Advanced Tarot Contemplation Ritual. My ability to visualize the pentagrams, the Archangels, and other elements of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is very good. For some reason, my ability to visualize the parts of the Middle Pillar Ritual are by contrast, horrible. I continue to play with my performance of the Middle Pillar Ritual in hopes of finding a combination of repetition, voice, and posture that enable better visualizations. Nothing seems to work yet, however.

The Circulation of the Body of Light continues to make me very dizzy and light-headed. The rituals feel much more intense, especially since I’ve refined and perfected my performance of them. A few times, I was so tired, it felt like I was phoning it in, but thankfully those performances are rare. Overall, I wonder if it has been helping to fortify my health and immune system. People at school have been sick, but I haven’t even had so much as a tickle in my throat or a sniffle. I seem to be impervious to illness, which is wonderful.

I want to get the visualizations for the Middle Pillar Ritual down before moving forward and adding the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.


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